About Us

RAJINDER DA DHABA FOUNDER: Late Shri Rajinder Kumar Dua CEO: Bharat Bhushan Dua and Shreyank Dua Started in 1968 with just one stall of fish fry and anda fry, Rajinder Da Dhaba is one of the most renowned food joints of New Delhi. It has managed to maintain its legacy since three generations. Serving both vegetarian and non vegetarian food, traditional dhaba cuisine gets a makeover at this modern dining venue. From politicians to bollywood actors, everyone loves to grab a bite or two at their standing tables and enjoy the meals. Nearly five decades ago, Rajinder ji used to be a street vendor selling non-veg on the Kamal cinema road, New Delhi, in the nascent stages of this iconic place. Now, It has become a huge complex located in South Delhi that every true foodie has heard of it. They have never compromised on quality and taste even after all these years and have only grown in time. Commenced with 3, Today, it has an employee count of approximately 150. it is most known for the Chicken curry and Galauti kababs they sell. It surely dishes out good food and is an awesome value for money. A visit to Rajinder Da Dhaba is undoubtedly a treat for your tastebuds any day.